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Never in a Billion

By Stacy lee

As a young teenager, Maggie Thatcher’s lifestyle left much to be desired; her low self-esteem and rebellious attitude were her signature characteristics. After getting into her fair share of trouble, Maggie found herself sentenced to community service hours at Wells Valley Cove and Retirement Center in Wells, Maine, where she was introduced to a young man who forever changed her life.

During her time at WVC, Maggie encountered countless individuals whose stories influenced her to thrive and mature in ways she never quite expected. Now Maggie is a successful career woman who has everything she has ever wanted. Everything that is, except the one man she desires. As Maggie gets a front row seat into the lives of people she once knew as strangers, Maggie learns that we are all connected in one way or another—even in ways we could never imagine.


About the author

Amazon best selling author

Stacy Lee is the author of The Nubble Light series. She is a lifelong resident of New England. Stacy lives in New Hampshire with her incredibly supportive husband, two beautiful children, and two well loved (spoiled) rescue pups. She enjoys spending time in the beautiful and historic town of York Beach, Maine with her family. The Nubble Lighthouse holds a special place in her heart.

Before she started writing women’s fiction, Stacy received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a teacher certification in grades K-8. She taught elementary school and writing courses to students for fourteen years while completing a graduate degree in elementary administration where she graduated with honors. After that, (in an effort to drive her husband completely crazy) decided to switch careers and go to Bible College, where she graduated with a Master’s in Christian Ministry with a focus in Homiletics.

Finally, when she got tired of taking college courses she decided to do the two things that make her happiest- working for her family business with her best friend and writing.  She is thankful for her husband and his ability to bring out the best in her…always.

Stacy Lee

Nubble Light Series

The Nubble Light series is set on the beautiful and enchanting New England Beaches of York, Maine. Each of these Women’s Fiction novels are separate stories that appeal to readers of all ages. Young adults to seniors have confessed to falling in love with characters that will feel like friends. 

The Hundreth Time Around

Future Plans

Never in a Billion

Out Now!

Ten Percent of My Heart

As a twenty-three-year-old college graduate, Tessa Walker had it all. Psychology degree—check.  School counseling position at the local elementary school—check.  Everything was falling into place.

Tessa was making significant strides with students, especially with a first grader named Beckett (Bex) who struggled with social anxiety. She adored her job and, for the first time, was able to rent her own apartment. She was even slightly convinced that maybe, just maybe, a proposal from her college sweetheart was right around the corner.

Doggy Village Books

A Little Hope for Harper

A Little Hope for Harper

What could be better than finding your forever home?

Hope is a tiny hound mix rescue pup from Mississippi who longs for a place to call home. Her dreams come true when she is adopted by the Maloney Family. Just when she thinks things can’t get any better, she discovers she has been enrolled at Doggy Village Daycare in York, Maine.

Harper is a spunky and shockingly beautiful purebred golden retriever who lives on the beach. Although she spends a great deal of time at the local dog park and Doggy Village Daycare, she longs for the one thing her parents have forbidden—the ocean.

The adventures of Hope and Harper are only just beginning in book one of the Doggy Village series. What could be better than finding your forever home? Meeting your best friend.

(This book will be available on Amazon for pre-order)


Skillfully written, with artful character development, and exciting plot development, twists and turns. The start of the story hooks you in, and it’s difficult to put the book down until the very last page, where you’re left wanting more!

Jenna J

I really enjoyed this book. Hard to believe Stacy is a first time author. It is well written, easy to follow the plot and you can actually see the ocean in your mind while you are reading. I see great things in this authors future.

Katie Bressack

What a wonderful, well written story. Visiting Wells and York Maine every summer for the past 25 years made the book more enjoyable to read. I could visualize the beach,the lighthouse and the smells of the ocean. An unexpected twist at the end of the story, that I didn't see coming, made me cry happy tears. Well done..


Once again Stacy Lee has given us an engaging story of love, life and lessons learned! Ten Percent of my Heart captured me from the moment I read the first page. You are reunited with Cassidy and Sean as they help to tell the story of Tessa. Through a series of unexpected twists, you become emersed in Tessa’s life, emotions, and journey to understand the importance of listening to your heart and doing what makes you happy. Ten Percent of my Heart is another incredible addition to the Nubble Light Series, set in the beautiful backdrop of York Beach, Maine making this book a must-read!

Briana Womack

I was so excited to dive into Stacy Lee's new book, Ten Percent of my Heart. I love her Nubble Light Series! From the first page I was hooked with Tessa and her love story, but I also loved how she wove the characters from her other books into this one and we got a quick update into everyone's love lives. This is a love story between mothers, between what our heart wants, but more importantly how our choices shape not only our lives but everyone who plays a part in it. I can't wait to read her next book in this series!

Katie Bressack